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Rocket's FromForm parsing is strict by default. In other words, A Form<T> will parse successfully from an incoming form only if the form contains the exact set of fields in T . Said another way, a Form<T> will error on missing and/or extra fields. For instance, if an incoming form contains the fields "a", "b", and "c" while T only contains "a" and "c", the form will not parse as Form<T> .

Rocket allows you to opt-out of this behavior via the LenientForm data type. A LenientForm<T> will parse successfully from an incoming form as long as the form contains a superset of the fields in T . Said another way, a LenientForm<T> automatically discards extra fields without error. For instance, if an incoming form contains the fields "a", "b", and "c" while T only contains "a" and "c", the form will parse as LenientForm<T> .

You can use a LenientForm anywhere you'd use a Form . Its generic parameter is also required to implement FromForm . For instance, we can simply replace Form with LenientForm above to get lenient parsing:

By default, Rocket matches the name of an incoming form field to the name of a structure field. While this behavior is typical, it may also be desired to use different names for form fields and struct fields while still parsing as expected. You can ask Rocket to look for a different form field for a given structure field by using the #[form(field = "name")] field annotation.

As an example, say that you're writing an application that receives data from an external service. The external service POST s a form with a field named type . Since type is a reserved keyword in Rust, it cannot be used as the name of a field. To get around this, you can use field renaming as follows:

Rocket will then match the form field named type to the structure field named api_type automatically.

Fields of forms can be easily validated via implementations of the Beige and orange Lola sandals Tory Burch EETVFyU1G
trait. For example, if you'd like to verify that some user is over some age in a form, then you might define a new AdultAge type, use it as a field in a form structure, and implement FromFormValue so that it only validates integers over that age:

If a form is submitted with a bad age, Rocket won't call a handler requiring a valid form for that structure. You can use Option or Result types for fields to catch parse failures:

The forms validation and Stella Mccartney Woman Faux Leather Loafers Black Size 375 Stella McCartney dz8DT
examples on GitHub provide further illustrations.

Handling JSON data is no harder: simply use the type:

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- 06/19/2017

Retail associates are the heart and soul of the enterprise. They are often the first and most meaningful interaction a customer has with the brand, and they have the power to make or break the path to purchase.

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Mike Zorn, senior VP, associate and labor relations, Macy’s, discussed how the department store giant has greatly reduced turnover and built meaningful employee engagement in his presentation entitled “ Employee Engagement by Design.”

Building and retaining quality associate talent is the goal of every retailer, but few are able to do it successfully. In fact, hourly store employees have a turnover rate of over 65%, according to research conducted by the Hay Group division of Glace Fringed Loafers UK9 / Multi Churchs ELjxqXA
. With the cost of replacing a store associate hovering around $1,000, retaining quality talent has never been more vital.

Over the past decade, Macy’s has been on a journey to pinpoint the cause of disjunction among its retail teams and stores and has been working to build an engaged and satisfied retail workforce. The retailer’s hard work has been paying impressive dividends, with Zorn reporting that employee engagement has increased 11 points over the last four years, engagement in stores is up 16 points, and turnover is down 28%.

“Building informed and engaged associates is important for every retailer,” Zorn said. “Engaged associates help build consumer loyalty and bolster sales. In addition, they are less likely to quit.”

At RES, Zorn began his talk by laying out what he considers the four retail workforce truths:

To successfully operate in this new retail reality Zorn and his team instituted an open set of expectations for every Macy’s employee ― the first time the company has embarked on such an undertaking in its 100-plus year history. The new transparency let every employee know what is expected of them and helped Macy’s weed out its disengaged employees and begin to build an engaged and inspired workforce.

“Disengaged associates are the misfits,” Zorn said. “They don’t fit into our culture. But we write all our policies for these folks and we try to change them in some way. They were toxic to our employees. After the expectations were announced 85% of these disengaged associates left on their own. They didn’t want to be there.”

With the dissatisfied and disengaged employees off the payroll, Macy’s was free to shape its workforce to connect with shoppers in an increasingly omnichannel, customer-centric environment. To do so the retailer turned to employee engagement software that not only gives associates power over scheduling but simultaneously frees managers up to cultivate a customer-service culture in their stores.

Macy’s implemented a self-service scheduling application that allows associates to pick their own shifts, trade shifts, and request time off independently. The solution has empowered associates and increased their engagement with the brand by switching from being told when to work to being able to choose when to work.

“We merged technology and empowerment,” Zorn said. “We were able to free our supervisors up from those tasks that weren’t adding any value and they weren’t any good at. Their responsibility now is to be an approachable manager and grow and develop their team. People don’t leave companies, they leave supervisors. Now supervisors can focus on the things that count.”

In the fall, Macy’s will be adding a new wrinkle to its self-serve scheduling capabilities when it goes live with inter-store scheduling across the chain. Associates will be able to not only schedule themselves for shifts at their home store but also at nearby stores, giving them greater options and flexibility to keep a healthy work/life balance and further improve engagement.

Consumer Expectations Are Changing.

Finally, we would like to discuss the possibility of realizing the designed perfect absorber of visible light. For the perfect absorber, the complex permittivity and permeability of the anti-reflection layer must exhibit electric and magnetic resonances, respectively, which are described by the Lorentz model. When the real parts of the complex permittivity and permeability are simultaneously negative, the refractive index of the anti-reflection layer will have a negative value; otherwise, it will have a positive value. It is well-known that artificial metamaterials can exhibit Lorentz dispersion, whose constitutive parameter (either the permittivity or the permeability) obeys the K - K relations. In fact, with the fast development of nanofabrication technology, metamaterials with both electric and magnetic resonances have been fabricated successfully to realize negative refractive index at optical frequencies, which are composed of pairs of parallel metallic nanorods [ 67 , 68 ]. Recently, an experimental work demonstrated that the real and imaginary parts of the complex constitutive parameters of metamaterials consisting of metallic split-ring resonator and rod could be deliberately controlled to produce a wide-band perfect absorption in gigahertz [ 63 ]. Based on the advancement of optical lumped nanocircuits, this approach may be extended to infrared and optical bands, as mentioned in the experimental work.

In this work, we have theoretically shown how to directly engineer the complex-valued constitutive parameters of artificial metamaterials for perfect absorbers of electromagnetic waves. Specifically speaking, for achieving ultra-wideband perfect absorption within the visible wavelength range from 300 to 800nm, we numerically investigated the necessary refractive index and extinction coefficient , and the relative permittivity and permeability of a metamaterial anti-reflection layer, coating a hydrogenated amorphous silicon (α-Si:H) thin film on a metal substrate. The numerical results show that the metamaterial anti-reflection layer has a negative refractive index ( < 0) for short-wavelength visible light, but has a positive refractive index ( > 0) for long-wavelength visible light. As the thickness of the metamaterial anti-reflection layer is increased, the absolute value of and will become smaller. However, they will become larger when the thickness of the α-Si:H thin film is increased. It is also found that such a metamaterial anti-reflection layer should have both electric and magnetic resonances, and its permittivity and permeability can be approximately fitted by the Lorentz model. We hope that these results presented in this work could provide another approach to design perfect absorbers of electromagnetic waves, with the fast development of nanofabrication technology in metamaterials.

This work is financially supported by the State Key Program for Basic Research of China (SKPBRC) under Grant Nos. 2013CB632703 and 2012CB921501, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) under Grant Nos.11574270, 11304159, 11104136, 91221206, and 51271092, the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province under Grant Nos. LY14A040004 and LY15A040005, the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province Grant No. BK20161512, the Qing Lan Project of Jiangsu Province, the Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China under Grant No. 20133223120006, and theNUPTSF under Grant No. NY217045.

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